International Logistical Centres/Nodes for Central Asia

The expansion of trade between Europe and Central Asia is seriously being affected by the low cost-effectiveness of existing transport system. Given the land-locked position of several TRACECA countries and their remoteness from European market, current mono-modal approaches fail to meet important customer's needs such as low cost, high quality.
In this context, the creation of intermodal logistic centres within a single intermodal chain through TRACECA corridor might be seen as a logical transport choice for Central Asia.
From the customer's point of view, the proposed intermodal organization was considered as an opportunity of the operators to offer easier "door to door" services in the most economical form.
The project has commissioned to support international trade and facilitate the movements of goods along the TRACECA corridor through improving logistics capabilities, interoperability and multimodal transport.
The specific objective of this project consists of develop a financial, technical, environmental and institutional conditions and studies for a network of logistical centres along the TRACECA corridor.

The services provided consist of:

  • Analysis of TRACECA logistic network and of the related operation of transport and logistics within the existing network;
  • Identification, ranking and promotion of logistics centres' projects;
  • Feasibility studies of the selected projects.

Additional Info

  • Client: EC Brussels
  • Country: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan