Technical Assistance for Implementation of a Pilot Project to Operate and Maintain Motorways and Modernization of Motorway Management Practices

The World Bank (the Bank) through the Highway III Project is supporting Azerbaijan's initiative to improve its motorway network including the modernization of motorway management practices. Moreover, despite the rapid expansion of Azerbaijan's motorways network operations and maintenance have not yet been considered fully.

The Government intends to establish a new Motorway Unit within the Maintenance Department of the AzerRoadService (the ARS), which will eventually be responsible for managing all motorway operations and maintenance. The Motorway Unit will be assigned two main roles:

  1. on the operational side, the overall responsibility over the O&M activities on the motorway network including contract management, monitoring and evaluation and road data management and,
  2. on the planning and budgeting side the dialogue in the name of ARS with MoTC and Min Fin about annual budget and monitoring and evaluation of the O&M on the motorway network.

The Consultant is requested to provide the ARS with support in:

  • Task I – Establishment and Development of a Motorway Unit
  • Task II – Assessment of Road Maintenance Capacity
  • Task III – Develop a Strategy for Motorway O&M
  • Task IV – Develop Service Level Agreements and Motorway Guidelines


Additional Info

  • Client: The Ministry of Transport, AzerRoadService OJC
  • Country: Azerbaijan